Diversity in Energy Medicine

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The term energy medicine may sound somewhat obscure, but the truth is everything in our environment, including our bodies, is composed of different forms of energy. As the first law of thermodynamics states, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed. In a biological organism like humans, potential energy from the food we consume is transformed in our cells to chemical energy. Mechanical energy ascertained from chemical energy allows our muscles to contract and our body to move and function. Increases in thermal energy in our body during physical exercise created by enhancements in chemical and mechanical energy, are released as heat. Even our nervous system, like other animals, possesses electrical energy that allow communication between the brain, nerves, muscles, and glands enabling our body to respond to its environment and carry out necessary functions. Energy clearly has a role in our core biological functions and may be effective in treating various ailments, in so many amazing ways.

Sound therapy

Sound frequencies are already widely used in conventional medicine such as in ultrasonic waves to image tissues in a sonogram. These sound waves focused and localized in an area of the body that ultrasonically palpates tissues, emits information regarding the stiffness or density of that tissue and can be used to enhance contrast and information in conjunction with a conventional sonogram. Infrasonic waves are also used in a technique called lithotripsy which breaks up both gall and kidney stones. In alternative medicine, music therapy has already shown to help with conditions such as depression and pain. There is also evidence from rodent models that shows low frequency sound around 40hz (gamma wave length) and combined light therapy can disrupt and help destroy protein deposits that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease by activating microglial cells; Microglia are a type of neuroglia (glial cell) positioned through the brain and spinal cord. Microglia account for 10–15% of all cells within the brain. Microglia action the primary immune defenses within the central nervous system. Low frequency vibrational therapy might also help with neuromuscular pain associated with fibromyalgia 1.2.3.

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Light therapy

Red light therapy

Low level light therapy using non-thermal LED light in the range of 600-1300nm, can penetrate the skin and is useful in skin rejuvenation and repair. There is also evidence that it may reach the dermis layer of the skin, enhancing collagen production and hence, reducing wrinkles and signs of aging. The light therapy seems to induce cellular proliferation, migration, and adhesion of epithelial cells, by activating the metabolism regulating cellular mitochondria and increasing levels of ATP.

Blue light therapy

This type of light therapy relieves the symptoms associated to SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. Essentially an artificial way of attempting to regulate the diurnal swing of hormones, moods, the sleep-wake cycle, and core body temperatures that may fall out of balance during the short days around the winter solstice. Designed to activate the circadian-regulating center of the brain that senses environmental patterns of light changes, or the superchiasmatic nucleus. A meta-analysis shows that it can help reduce these depressive symptoms.

 Energy healing captured in a bottleLight therapy continues as a mainstream form of healing used in various capacities and many sources.

Electromagnetic Therapy (EMT)

The human body creates a magnetic field via the electrophysiology of neural transmission. The administration of electromagnetic therapy is helpful in alleviating osteopathic conditions by exerting anabolic effects on chondrocytes (cartilage secreting cells) and osteoblasts (bone secreting cells). Preliminary clinical evidence also shows EMT therapy is useful in slowing tumor growth, and so may have a role as an additive to oncology therapy.

Life Force Energy Therapy, REIKI

Reiki is a Japanese method for stress reduction and relaxation that also encourages the body’s natural healing function. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is founded on the awareness that an unseen "life force energy" runs through us and is what maintains life. If one's "life force energy" is compromised, then we are susceptible to illness or stress, and if it is at ideal levels, we maintain health and happiness.

A Reiki session feels like a brilliant radiance that pours through and around you. Reiki treats the entire person including body, emotions, mind and spirit generating positive effects including relaxation and feelings of serenity, sanctuary and health. Countless have conveyed astonishing results.

Reiki is an innocuous, natural and simple method of spiritual therapy and self-improvement that anyone can take advantage of. It has been effective in serving virtually every known illness and disease and always generates positive effects. It also works in combination with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and enhance recovery.


Healing reiki hands, man performing reiki and reiki symbol

Energy medicine initiates the flow of energy and eliminates blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Refining the flow of energy within the body promotes relaxation, decreases pain, accelerates healing, and reduces many other forms of illness.



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