Healthy Flawless Skin Through Meditation

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Our skin is an important indicator of our inner world; when we’re anxious or afraid, our skin goes pale. When we’re stressed it shows on our face as pinched or dry skin. When we blush, our skin goes pink or red. Often you only need to look at someone’s skin to see what’s going on inside.

But our skin health can also say a lot about our health and wellness. From wrinkles to adult acne and a dull complexion, your skin will tell you when all is not as it should be.

On the flip side, when we're feeling good, our skin is healthy and glowing. Taking care of your skin can take years off of your look, making you appear far younger. It can also clear up a host of stress-related skin conditions like eczema and acne.

So what can you do to get vibrant, healthy skin?

As many of us know, diet is important. Stick to whole foods, organic if possible. And be sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables, proteins and nutritious carbs in your diet. Drinking enough water is a big factor in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Water also helps to remove toxins from your body, which keeps your skin clear and smooth.

But one thing many people don’t realize is that meditation can be key to skin health.

Woman meditating for glorious skinWhether you are in a congested area or an empty room, meditation can happen anywhere, anytime - all you need to meditate is you.  Consistent meditation means enhanced mental precision, reduced stress and anxiety, superior pain management abilities, improved sleep and of course gorgeous skin.

Meditation and Your Skin

The more we learn about the mind-body connection, the more we realize how powerful it is. And it makes sense. We know how our emotions affect our skin in the moment, but what about over time?

When we’re perpetually stressed, or in emotional turmoil, it shows on our skin. Our complexions become dull, we may develop dry, flaky skin or adult acne. We may even see more wrinkles when we look in the mirror.

Conditions such as stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion can cause many skin issues. Eczema, for one; psoriasis and acne, and even vitiligo, a disorder that affects our pigment. Meditation helps to relieve stress. It can clear up anxiety and mental exhaustion. It helps to keep us healthy on both a mental and emotional level, and it contributes to happiness.

There have been studies conducted on patients treated with ultraviolet light for psoriasis. When these patients meditated during therapy, they healed faster than those who didn't.

So how does meditation have such a strong effect on our skin health?

By clearing away our inner turmoil and negative emotions, meditation helps us balance. This balance in turn has a tremendous impact on our skin. By taking stress off the body, it allows our bodies to use its resources to heal, rather than using our valuable resources for reacting to stressors.  

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How Meditation Helps the Skin

Meditation helps to bring a feeling of calm to the body, which soothes stress, relaxing us.

As a result, it reduces stress hormones such as cortisol in the body. Which allows our body to focus on repairing our cells and tissues. This nurturing often shows up as a fresh, healthy glow.

During meditation there is also a focus on the breath. Deep breathing relaxes the body. It also increases oxygen intake, which keeps our cells healthy. Increasing your oxygen helps to rejuvenate the body, including the skin.


By balancing our mind-body connection and allowing our cells and tissues to heal.
This healing process nurtures the skin, helping to smooth wrinkles and delay aging. It’s an all-natural boost to our health from the inside out. Meditation also reduces blood pressure and other stress-related issues. It can improve insomnia, muscle and joint problems and chronic pain caused by tension. Which leads to better health, which helps us look and feel younger. And when we're feeling good, it shows in our skin.

Our skin can also change depending on our emotional state. When we’re feeling healthy and confident, our skin tends to glow. Meditation builds new neural connections in the brain. Which makes us feel more positive. Over time, these neural connections make feeling good just a part of who we are.
It becomes effortless.

Meditation also improves serotonin production in the brain, which improves mood. Which is why meditators tend to report being happier, more at peace with themselves.

All these changes lead to a more relaxed and glowing complexion. As well as clearing up any stress-related skin conditions. 


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Mindful Skincare

Meditation also makes us more mindful; it allows us to slow down our pace and get more enjoyment out of each moment. This mindfulness can extend to our skincare. After all, taking the time to care for ourselves can feel very rewarding. It allows us to stay in touch with ourselves in the present moment and to connect with our gratitude.

A regular meditation practice can do wonders for your skin.

It can heal skin conditions, relieve tension and smooth wrinkles, as well as giving you a healthy glow. By meditating for only a few minutes a day, you can make your skin clearer, brighter and younger looking.

Give meditation a try today- we’d love to hear how it goes!