PowTeaCo. Three Biodegradable Tea Sachets Brewing

We are a devoted team derived from various sectors within the health and wellness industry including manufacturing, private label, boutique and national brand associations. Leveraging years of knowledge and experience, our mission is to provide you with powerful, truly convenient, antioxidant rich, whole leaf, fantastically delicious, certified organic Tea and Herbs that truly benefit your overall health.

PowTeaCo is a new kind of Tea Company, with years of experience in the wellness space both personally and professionally.  We have always relied on natural medicine as the primary source to healing and continuously incorporate the power of tea into our daily regime.

We have partnered with Industry holistic leaders to bring you unique and powerful tea blends crossing a broad spectrum of benefits dependent on your needs, in addition to traditional premium tea, that absolutely tastes amazing.

Our entire line of tea is certified organic!  We don’t just say organic, we attest to it through accountability to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the Canadian Organic Regime, certified by Ecocert Canada.  From seed to steep, the entire PowTeaCo process is absolutely validated and maintained offering you a dynamic product you can trust.

In addition to the best tea on the planet, PowTeaCo has established comprehensive associations with industry wellness experts to offer knowledge through a curated Blog, POWER BLOG, covering topics from key performing tea ingredients to broad-spectrum health and wellness themes, illuminating awareness and fresh perspective on all things healthy  (✿◠‿◠) ~ 

Try PowTeaCo today and taste the difference!