PowTeaCo biodegradable tea sachets , different blends

Loving our EXTRA LARGE environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable plant based tea sachets.  Our Tea Sachets contain ZERO plastic and ZERO glue.  Our manufacturing process is absolutely unique, envied by competitors.

You get lush full tea leaves without the hassle of scooping, straining, disposing and cleaning.  Our extra large tea sachets allow the tea leaves and herbs to completely swell and produce the same amount of flavour as traditional loose leaf tea preparation, hassle free and completely portable! 

The Facts...

PowTeaCo tea sachets are prepared from a plant-based material named polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is a DNA and GMO free material that is formed by breaking down starches found in plants such as sugar cane. These starches are developed into pure lactic acid, and then combined through enzymatic activity into long chains of plant based fiber.

PLA is used in a wide variety of food products because it is derived from renewable plant sources and is completely biodegradable. Our pyramid tea bags will biodegrade over an estimated period of two months.

PowTeaCo tea sachets also have a PLA string (made from sugar cane) and a plain paper tag, which is attached to the PLA mesh using ultrasonic vibration technology. This process instantly fuses the string to the mesh. The same technique is used when the rolled PLA mesh is spun into a pyramid shape, filled with our amazing whole leaf tea.

A Certified Organic Process.