WARRIOR IMMUNITY TEA, Pyramid Bag & Loose Tea
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WARRIOR, Hibiscus Tulsi Blend

20 Tea Sachets
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An extraordinary blend of flavours deliver bold fruity tart notes embodied by a beautiful ruby red tone, keeps you going like the warrior you are

WARRIOR is an absolute dynamic Tea, as it adapts to the needs of the body  targeting ailments on a broad scale, accommodating you at a fundamental level.

WARRIOR is an extraordinary adaptogen with advanced levels of antioxidants that enhance the body's natural capabilities in maintaining stress levels. This vitalizing tea blend was created for those moments when you need support, specifically for colds and flu or to simply maintain positive immune function.

Crafted to help heal the body and restore the senses. 


Cinnamon*, Rosehips*, Astragalus*, Licorice*, Hibiscus*, Ginger Root*, Cardamom Pods* (cut and sifted), Peppermint*, Tulsi* ( Rama ).

*Certified Organic.


  • Naturally Caffeine-Free
  • Steeping Time: 6-10  mins.
  • Certification: Organic
  • Quantity: 20 Pyramid Tea Sachets


POWER TIP: Adaptogens are a select group of herbs that support the body's natural ability to deal with strain. Referenced as adaptogens because of their distinctive ability to “adapt” their purpose according to the precise needs of the body. This may be physical, chemical or biological necessities.


  • A powerful medicinal spice, Cinnamon has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-diabetic properties. Studies show that cinnamon may even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Rosehips are a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants. Since Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, rosehip extract also keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

  • Astragalus is said to offer multiple health benefits: used in traditional Chinese medicine, it boosts the body’s immune system, alleviates symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia and can even reduce seasonal allergies.

  • Due to the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties of Licorice, this powerful herb can soothe gastrointestinal issues, fight the common cold, and even treat heartburn.

  • A brightly coloured tropical flower, Hibiscus lowers blood pressure, encourages healthy digestion, and can also support weight loss goals.

  • Ginger is a powerhouse spice, proven to relieve nausea, headaches and menstrual cramps.

  • Cardamom not only prevents bad breath, it also helps flush out toxins, boosting blood circulation and encouraging a healthy metabolism.

  • Peppermint can improve your sleep, relieve tension headaches and migraines, and encourages smooth, healthy digestion.

  • Known as “holy basil,” Tulsi acts as an adaptogen and can reduce stress and anxiety in the body.

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